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MAP Catalogue

MAP Catalogue

In order bring about an understanding of conflict created by prejudicial conditioned thinking emanating from the primitive biological brain one has to have the resources that give people, especially young people, the ability to intellectually and realistically grasp what this root of conflict is. This means to be able to look at conflict, at violence, as it is without any glorification of it or by resisting it by promoting idealistic sentimentalized views of “peace”. What we generally have in regards to “peace educating books” and curricula to “teach peace” are idealistic, romanticized versions of what we think peaceful behavior should be. Or on the other hand we glorify violence by promoting books, comic books, video games and movies that encourage violence as a heroic cultural ideal, one that is regarded as patriotic and noble. Rarely do we promote resources that look directly at violent behavior, at conflict, without any judgment.

The particular Premier Programs that follow best represent the intent of Martial Arts for Peace in understanding the cause of prejudicial conditioned thinking emanating from the primitive biological brain. The illustrations on the flyers and in the books are realistic graphic representations of hostility as it is so one can see what is and not what should or should not be. In this way one can inquire directly into the cause of violence they illustrate and hence end it in that direct conscious awareness.

The last Premier Program in this series represents the Martial Arts for Peace school that addressed the conditioning that is the basis of the three programs that precede it – Respect – The Martial Arts Code of Conduct and the Martial Arts for Peace video created in 1985.