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12 Ways to Walk Away with Confidence

We use his books and thoroughly endorse the usefulness of his methods which have high potential in schools.

Stewart W. Twemlow, M.D. Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis, Menninger Clinic, Martial Arts School owner

12 Ways to Walk Away with Confidence

An Education for Peace Life Skills for Kids Programâ„¢ Ages 9-14

  • Lesson 1: Make Friends: A Bully Can Be a Buddy!
  • Lesson 2: Use Humor: This Is a Time for Fun!
  • Lesson 3: Walk Away: Act Instead of React!
  • Lesson 4: Use Cleverness: The Mind is Strong Than the Body!
  • Lesson 5: Agree with the Bully: Yield Right of Way!
  • Lesson 6: Refuse to Fight: Just Say No!
  • Lesson 7: Stand Up to the Bully: Let's See That Confidence!
  • Lesson 8: Scream/Yell: Let's Hear That Voice!
  • Lesson 9: Use Authority: Help Is on the Way!
  • Lesson 10: Ignore the Threat: The Bully Is Invisible!
  • Lesson 11: Reason with the Bully: Mind Over Matter!
  • Lesson 12: Take a Stance: Show Your Unmistakable Intent!