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Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle

Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle is a Martial Arts Peace Educator. He is the Director of the Martial Arts for Peace, an author and educator who has a Ph.D. in Health and Human Services, a Master's degree in Humanistic Psychology/Counseling, a life-time secondary and community college teaching credential and draws on many years of experience in conflict education and the martial arts.

He holds a sixth-degree Black Belt in the Art of Karate and is the author of numerous internationally acclaimed, award winning literary works that are used across the U.S. and worldwide. Dr. Webster-Doyle was inducted into The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is the recipient of the prestigious Martial Arts Industry Distinguished Service Award for his outstanding contributions in the education of children in the martial arts in resolving conflict peacefully. Dr. Webster–Doyle is the creator of the specially designed Youth Peace Literacy Child Safe Program called S.O.S. — Safe Options Self-defense — an age appropriate, developmentally sound, non-lethal integrated system of humane physical and mental martial arts self-defense skills where young people can develop an overall confidence to cope successfully with being bullied on the playground to prevent it from leading to bullying on the battlefield.

Fighting the Invisible Enemy – Understanding the Effects of Conditioning was translated into Russian and serialized into the leading Russian teacher’s magazine and distributed to all schools in that country.

Jean Webster-Doyle

Jean Webster-Doyle, APET, MAPTT is a Martial Arts Peace Educator. She is the Director of Training for Martial Arts for Peace and President of the Atrium Society – Center for the Education for Children in Conflict. She is a Master Teacher and Trainer in Youth Peace Literacy and Martial Art for Peace Mental Self-Defense.

She has traveled worldwide educating people about the causes of conflict in the conditioned way we think and has co-created numerous books and programs on the subject. Jean Webster-Doyle is also a Yoga teacher and the creator of Metamorphosis Training Seminars and Harmonious Mind Yoga. She was a teacher of Prenatal Therapy for mentally handicapped children and the Creator and Editor of the Taking Time Newsletter about understanding the conditioned mind. She was also the Director of the Rainy Mountain Outdoor Education School and Co-Director of the Atrium School, a unique educational environment based on the necessity to understand psychological, prejudicial conditioned thinking as the basis for an intelligent life.


Thank you for EYE OF THE HURICANE: We are unaware of any other resources which address the concept of using the martial arts for peaceful purposes... We are pleased that at last someone has presented a healthier view of karate for children, and for their concerned parents.

Hampton Educational Center, Grand Rapids, MN

Webster-Doyle's insight is that by recognizing, understanding, and accepting our violent tendencies, we can avoid acting them out. These new books are good for teachers and parents of school children who need appropriate language and activities to help children deal with their feelings and the violence-provoking parts of their environment. To this reviewer, they are realistic and practical.

YOUNG CHILDREN, Magazine of the National Association for the Education of Young Children

One Encounter One Chance is a wonderful work of art (personally I think you should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize).

Michael McGinty, Shotokan Karate Ballybofey, County Donegal, Ireland

[Dr. Webster- Doyle is an] eloquent leader of the movement to combine principles of education, psychology, and the martial arts to teach young people to resolve conflict peacefully.

Dr. Lawrence Shapiro of the Center for Applied Psychology

His writings go beyond the practice of karate into everyday life, inviting us to inspect the psychological roots of conflict. His application of the art of karate to the education of young people is especially laudable.

Yoga Journal

The book, Why is Everybody Always Picking on Us?” explores the roots of prejudice. I don't think I've seen another book like it. How wonderful if this book could be used in one's social studies classroom! I have learned where prejudice begins, how it is created, how it is perpetuated, and how it can be resolved. This book looks at stereotypes, bigotry, discrimination, scapegoating, racism, and more. It is a wonderfully comprehensive manual for young people and adults alike on understanding our conditioning and the root of prejudice.

American Pride Through Education

Helps young people deal with conflict and violence by describing practical skills for Peace.

Holistic Education Review

It would be wonderful if children all over the US would read Facing the Double-Edged Sword. Adults too.

George Leonard, Contributing Editor, Esquire

These books are an asset to Martial Arts instructors, students and parents of all styles, ages and rank levels. Don’t just place them on your shelf! Read them again and again.

Marilyn Fierro, Owner and Chief Instructor Smithtown Karate Academy, Smithtown, New York

We have just completed training our Israeli and Palestinian Karate Instructors in your Character for Kids program and are using your book Fighting the Invisible Enemy to teach our young brown and black belts about understanding the effects of conditioning. Some of our instructors actually risk their lives to teach this peace enhancing material, as the bullies in our region are real terrorists …the ones you only read about. There is no doubt that this is tremendous step for such a violent region where hatred, violence and distrust is the norm.

Sensei Danny Hakim – Founder – Chief Instructor of Budo for Peace, Israel – working with Israeli and Palestinian children of war teaching them martial arts that are for peace.

Ten time Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing.

...to name only a few.

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